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Business Management Seminar Descriptions

Chemistry Lessons: Creating a Culture Where New Hires Succeed
Ever feel like you have a revolving door for employees? Do you fear hiring new employees because at least with your current staff, you know what you have? Not sure how to attract the right applicants? Or wonder why the quality people did not stay?Probably one of the most important and least understood aspects of business is talent acquisition. Learn to be more successful in attracting qualified applicants when you improve your employment ads, job applications, candidate assessments, and interviews. Good talent management extends the life cycle of an employee by creating an environment and culture that breeds success. Create expectations with job descriptions based on job activities, and implement a two way review process for employee and employer.

Chemistry Lessons: Working in a Multi-Generational Workforce
Do you ever find members of your team frustrated, tense, distracted, upset or unreasonable with other members of the team? Wonder why? Well, Gen Y thinks Gen X is a bunch of whiners. Gen X believes Gen Y is arrogant. And everyone thinks the Boomers are self-absorbed workaholics.While the younger generation’s entitled attitude is clashing with the older worker’s values, Gen Y’s presence is improving workplace policy for everyone. Once we understand their differences and learn what is important for each group we can work together effectively.

Selling the VALUE Nobody Can Compete With

Do you find that customers/callers are only focused on the price of your product or service? Ever feel pressured to discount or match a price? No matter how much detail you provide about all the great value you offer, they just don’t seem to get it. Avoid price based selling when you:    

                                                        Utilize Powerful Questions    

                                                        Create Presentations to Help Communicate Your Value  

                                                        Differentiate Your Solutions

Have valuable conversations with customers and learn to ask the powerful questions. Their answers will tell you the value they are looking for.  Now, you can offer solutions to their problems and exceed their expectations.

Marketing Automotive Service to Generations X and Y        

Meeting their expectations is the easy part. Communicating a message to attract and engage them seems to be the challenge. You cannot ignore these two groups at 120 million strong — the opportunities are enormous. We will examine what makes them unique and what influences their decision making. Understanding the obstacles of reaching them beyond their incredible filters will lead your business to connecting with an extremely loyal customer.

Process Management for Technicians and Service Advisors
The goal and expected outcome for every vehicle entering the service bay is the same, fixed right the first time, all the time. Have you ever wondered how that happens? Maybe you wonder if that will ever happen or why it does not happen consistently.Process management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and systems to define, visualize, measure, control, report and improve processes with the goal to meet customer expectations profitably. This class will cover the critical elements successful shops use to manage the diagnosis and repair process.

Customers Showed Up – Now What?

​Finally, all your marketing and promotion is working. Now what do we do about the phone that won’t stop ringing?Turn those calls into valuable conversations, ask powerful questions, solve their problems and capture new business. Be prepared to present the VALUE that nobody can compete with. Learn to:  

                                            Avoid price based selling  

                                            Create powerful questions

                                            Present a better VALUE

                                            Differentiate your solutions

Rewarding Bad Behavior
Life is full of choices, you choose how you behave and your behavior defines you. Your behavior sets an example for everyone that observes you. Bad behavior is not learned, it is allowed by what is tolerated.  You don’t have to look far to find examples of bad behavior.  Every day the news acknowledges the bad behavior of entertainers, athletes, politicians and anyone else craving attention. People are defined by their behavior.  It is the way the act or react that is observed by others or how they respond to circumstances and situations. Do you ever do something and hope no one is watching? Do you look the other way rather than confront another’s behavior?Let’s examine the choices YOU make, the examples YOU set and the difference YOU make with your behavior.

Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Ultimately the reason for your business to exist, customers, are the most vital, essential element to your business success and continuation. Well many factors influence the direction of your business, meeting customer expectations remains a priority above everything else. Customers become clients because of the experience your store provides and their desire to be treated better and different when compared to your competitors. Retention strategies reward loyalty and offer preferential treatment. The business also needs customers willing to call or come in and give the business a try.  The acquisition strategies are different since you need to create awareness, get their attention, earn their trust and compete in a world that fills the consumer’s day with marketing messages too numerous to count .Create, develop and implement the strategies that differentiate your business from your competitors.

The seminars described above were developed by and are presented by Bill Haas. All presentations are tailored to meet the client’s needs and fit the schedule of the customer’s event while providing the best value for seminar attendees.

Please call or e-mail with requests for specific topics and I will be happy to develop material to meet your interest.