Business Strategies and Training for Winners
5720 Straightaway Dr
Haltom City Tx 76117

"Very helpful class for many applications – everyone should have been here".

-Jenny M.

“Excellent info on social media and computer info on specific generations.”
-Bruce F.

"​I came away with some valuable insights that will be tremendously helpful.”
-Brian S.

​“Loved the group brain storm and a place to put a game plan into action.”

-Deana M.

“Awesome class, Love it!”
-Janee C.

“I enjoyed your class on marketing and gathered valuable information that I can use, I always find your info thought provoking and the delivery entertaining."
-Butch J.

“You really engage the audience. I had a gentleman from France sitting next to me and he remarked how good you were. He said several of the other speakers were 'boring' but he liked yours! I concur.”
-Lorie C.

“As always you did a great job holding interest and creating conversation afterwards.”
-Bobby B.

“Bill was humorous, dynamic and funny. He gave some great statistics, incomes, spending habits …what they’re more apt to open in the mailbox, visuals in the mailbox. Using these ideas brought my business up at least ten percent in six months."
-AVI customer

"I never want my competitors talking with you."
-Gary J.

"Far exceeded my expectations."
-Dennis M.